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Wooden Balance Villain blocks

Wooden Balance Villain blocks

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The Balance Villain Blocks are not only building puzzle toys but can also be used as sorting and counting toys. Learning can also be FUN! Hey friend, can’t wait to play it together!

BABY STACKING TOYS — The colorful puzzles block offers guidance in the early stages of visual perception. These Montessori toys for 1 year old can be used as stacking toys focus on movement and placement become aware of balance, coordination, and gravity, but we can also all set up in a row and then push one to see the chain effect of this block tumbling like dominoes like a race.

COLOR MATCHING GAME ACTIVITY — These Montessori toys for 2 year old and stacking toys for 3 year old boys girls and up are perfect sorting for learning colors for toddlers. The paper with the same color can be matched with the balance villain blocks to consolidate children’s understanding of color, and through these children’s color matching games, they can begin to master color cognition and motor skills.

GAMES FOR COUNTING, SORTING & KIDS MATCHING — The huge sorting and counting bears walk kids through the beginning stages of math development through PLAY. Matching for toddlers as well as 2 year old boy toys and toddler game toy 3 year old girl. Learning simple mathematics and sorting to find regular matches by building blocks will not only stimulate children’s thinking but also families can play together to deepen communication.

FINE MOTOR SKILLS are picking up, grasping, and releasing. This matching game for 4 year old boys or girls to help children develops their cognitive muscles by building the relationship between the mind and the hands. These toddler stacking toys and 2+ year old games are also autism toys, preschool toys, Montessori toys for toddlers. Let your baby use it to explore the world of thinking.

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