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[Safe and great quality]:The Alphabet Learning Board is made of high-quality durable, non-toxic materials. We do not use paper or stickers as they tend to peel off, we use water based colors making it durable and safe for kids The smooth edges of the board keep your preschool boys and girls to play safely.

[Classic educational toy]:When we were kids, a wooden letter puzzle was a fun way to interact with our parents. Learn and practice basic literacy skills for young children. It is a timeless classic that has passed through generations of children and remains a trusted educational toy today.

[Good for the child]:Each letter and number is represented by a separate piece of wood that can be inserted into the corresponding slot on the board. This alphabet puzzles are brightly colored and decorated to make them more visually appealing to children. They develops alphabets recognition. build their imagination and sharpness their power of observation.

[Family interaction]: In the process of playing and learning, enjoy the joyous of family happiness. Let’s spend more time in accompanying children and don’t miss that precious time. Suitable for 3+ Years children.

Great gift for preschooler. They will really love playing with this well made sturdy wooden puzzle.

[Alphanumeric cognition]:26 English alphabet puzzles,20 numbers puzzles,5 calculation symbols, Bright colors, and durable natural Wood Pieces, cultivate baby's Alphanumeric graphics cognitive and memory ability.

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Alphabet and Number Pegboard

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